Enterprise Project Management

According to Gartner, the Enterprise Project Management Office (or EPMO) is a rapidly emerging concept.  They forecasted that 30% of all Fortune 1,000 companies will adopt some version of it in the next 2 years*.  Of course, more prominent but not without disappointment, the IT Project Management Office (or ITPMO) concept has come (and in some cases gone), often with lackluster results.

While certain functional areas within the enterprise (IT and Engineering as examples) might have more experience with project management as a whole, the reality is that effectively managing large-scale, mission-critical, time-sensitive, cross-functional project across the enterprise is still largely an exercise with disappointing results.  Furthermore and unfortunately, dynamics such as shorter time-to-market, increasing global competition, and shrinking budgets/margins are only conspiring to make project execution more difficult and results worse.

However, EPMO or no EPMO, companies must not (and should not) accept project mediocrity.  Over the past 30 years, Project Success Enterprise has successfully transformed the project infrastructure of companies ranging from manufacturing – to high-tech – to energy.  In our experience, the strategic benefits realized by Shifting the Worry Curve® are sweeping, and include:

  • Financial – cost savings associated with decreased project delays and usually even greater savings with actual quantitiative visibiliy into project deadline improvement and early insight for project “go/no-go” decisions far earlier in the cycle.
  • Quality – early visibility for quantitiative and qualitative decision-making about project specifications.
  • Customer – increased satisfaction and goodwill with earlier decision-points about timeline and potential tradeoffs with cost and quality.
  • Process – uncovered weaknesses in organizational functions and processes, which become targets for improvement and/or cost savings.
  • Marketing – earlier time-to-market and increased competitive advantage and revenue.
  • Employees – improved morale due to reduced frustration, stress and conflict.

If your projects are continually running late with cost overruns and quality compromises, we can help.  Contact us today about a Portfolio or PMO Audit.  It’s a small investment with an easy ROI and concrete data to turn your project management environment around.

* Gartner PPM & IT Summit, May 2013, Session: “PM To the Point: The Structures and Politics of IT and the Enterprise PMO”, Speaker: Donna Fitzgerald