Our Methodology

It was Albert Einstein who said, “Out of clutter find simplicity….

Since the Project Success MethodSM has only been driving project success for 30 years, Einstein obviously did not have us in mind when he made the statement some 100 years ago. Yet, “simplicity” is the first thing project managers notice about the Project Success MethodSM – especially since they are often coming from a project management world filled with clutter and confusion.

It is simple – the Project Success Method allows individuals to grasp an effective, repeatable, actionable methodology in just a few days.  This in turn allows organizations to deliver projects faster while managing budget and quality.  All of this translates into some powerful benefits for Project Managers/Teams as well as the Enterprise at large.  In any environment, it shifts the “worry curve” and allows for a more predictable project timeline.

The Project Success Method has proven effective in a vast array of project applications, including:

  • new product development and introduction,
  • software development and implementation,
  • process improvement initiatives,
  • marketing programs,
  • engineering and architectural design,
  • construction and renovation,
  • facility relocations and startups,
  • mergers and acquisitions,
  • major industrial maintenance,
  • special events

Its simplicity and elegance are only accentuated in the most complex, cross-functional, multi-cultural projects.  Indeed, it is for these types of projects that the Project Success Method demonstrates its practical, collaborative and efficient qualities.  It provides:

  • documented plans and schedules,
  • clear scope and objectives,
  • clarified roles and performance expectations,
  • mutual accountability and support among team members,
  • improved communication,
  • workload better matched to resource availability,
  • more effective problem prevention, detection, and solution,
  • continuous improvement in project planning and execution.

It’s power is through implementation.  Whether you are an individual project manager looking for a better way, or a portofolio/program management executive looking for a solution to project and portfolio management for the enterprise – Project Success can help.