Project Portfolio / PMO Audit

In many cases, Project Success gets “the call” when a functional executive is concerned about the state of their projects.  Unable to put their finger on why, they know something’s not right when projects are continually running late.  They might lament, “It’s almost like everyone just assumes we will miss the deadline; it’s a part of our project culture.”  While they don’t know the cause, they do know that it has to change.

If you are in this situation – regardless if you have a Project Management Office or not – we can help.

While the definition of a PMO can vary, its role can range from one of simply establishing and providing a framework of project management processes and procedures to one of having full authority and responsibility for delivering projects.

Should your PMO support projects or lead them?  Do you have the right PMO for your organization?

The answer will depend on several factors…

  • What is the overall structure and culture of the organization?
  • How or where does the PMO fit within the organization?
  • How is the PMO staffed, managed and budgeted?
  • What are the expectations from the PMO?
  • What are the established PMO processes and procedures?
  • How is project information generated, communicated, shared and stored?

Project Success will evaluate these factors and others to identify any gaps between existing PMO structure and expectations.  This audit will create recommendations and (if desired) an action plan to close/eliminate these gaps.

PSI has supported many clients with the formal development of project management processes and procedures.  In these scenarios the concepts and principles of the Project Success MethodSM are combined with the specific formats, templates, reports, etc. used (or desired) by the client.  The end results are processes and procedures that already have a ring of familiarity and can quickly become part of the organizational culture, ensuring that they are adopted and that the PMO is a success.

Please contact us to get started.