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In virtually every industry, the dominant companies are those that consistently beat their competition to the punch in the development and launching of new products, technologies, systems, programs, and facilities, as well as mergers or acquisitions, marketing campaigns, and special events. The ability to perform projects faster, more effectively, and at lower cost than your competition will generate competitive advantage, especially in a business environment characterized by accelerating change.

The power of project success is real, and if you do not yet possess it, you are at a significant disadvantage relative to those who do.

Based on their pioneering work with more than 600 client organizations over the past 20+ years, the Project Success MethodSM author Clint Padgett and the original founders of PSI have developed a proven approach to superior project performance. While an estimated 70% to 90% of strategic initiatives fail, companies that employ the Project Success Method consistently plan and control their projects successfully, delivering projects with higher quality, faster, and at lower cost. How do they do it?

Using a series of case studies to illustrate key takeaways, the author clearly explains: how to define, plan, and control projects to achieve success. These valuable principles enable companies and their project managers to rapidly and effectively:

  • Form the project team
  • Define project scope, objectives, and constraints
  • Analyze work content and assign responsibilities
  • Develop the project schedule
  • Develop staffing and other resource plans for the project
  • Develop the project budget
  • Monitor and control project quality, progress, and cost.

Providing the missing link between strategy formulation and implementation, the Project Success Method is a blueprint for planning and controlling projects for superior performance.

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