Project Managers

Project Manager Stress“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find Simplicity. From discord find Harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies Opportunity.”

—  Albert Einstein

When Albert Einstein spoke of work in terms of “clutter, discord and difficulty,” he easily could have been speaking about the world of project management.  It is well known that the failure rate of corporate projects hovers around 70%.  But what is less known – or at least not talked about as much – is the “discord” and “difficulty” that often exists for the individual project manager.

Discord is sown in the professional life of a project manager for many reasons.  Often, an individual with extensive domain knowledge but with little or no project management experience might be asked to lead a large project.  Even still the most experienced of project managers might be faced with organizational challenges beyond his/her control (e.g. politics, corporate strategy, resource allocation, etc.).

These are just a couple of all too common situations that can lead to project disaster – and possibly damage and/or end a promising career.  Furthermore, professional challenges inevitably lead to discord in one’s personal life.  Long hours and increased stress lead to a poor work/life balance.

Unfortunately, existing corporate processes (e.g. Six Sigma, Agile, et. al) don’t go far enough and industry groups/certifications only provide theoretical best practice and broad parameters.  It’s a bit like the manual you get with a new bicycle.  It can tell you everything about it, but it can’t teach you how to ride!

This is where the Project Success MethodSM comes in.  Its power is in its simplicity.  Its simplicity is what makes it work…every time.  You don’t need experience.  You don’t need a PMP certification.  As such, it is appropriate and most effective when all those associated with the project understand it including team members and sponsors.  This brings tremendous benefits to the individual project manager, but just think about the impact for the enterprise.