Project Success Enterprise

What happens when you put the Project Success MethodologySM together with our expert project leaders, mentors and facilitators?  You get Project Success Enterprise (PSE).

While the Project Success Method is generic and applies to virtually all types of projects, Project Success Enterprise is tailored to the characteristics of your projects, your organization, your people, and your competitive environment.

Project Success Enterprise will be scoped and designed with consideration of your specific:

  • Projects (number, magnitude, complexity, uncertainty, time and cost constraints, etc.)
  • Organization (size, structure, geographic dispersion, functional vs. project orientation, existing management systems, etc.)
  • Competitive environment (competition based on differentiation, cost, speed, flexibility, etc.)
  • People (technical expertise, interpersonal skills, leadership potential/experience, team culture)

PSE combines the Project Success MethodSM with broad portfolio management guidance from our experts.  During an engagement of 2-3 years, you can expect a transformation of your project environment to include:

  • A consistent project methodology across the organizational scope
  • Standard project management policies and procedures
  • Standard codes for resources and cost categories
  • Standard report formats
  • Project manager mentoring
  • Developing new project management support personnel
  • Critical project oversight (e.g. planning and control facilitation)
  • Project Management Office startup
  • Acquisition/installation of selected software
  • Integration of the Project Management Office with other management systems (e.g., accounting, time and cost reporting, work order scheduling, etc.) with follow-up audits.

Please contact us to begin your project transformation.