The Company

For 30 years, Project Success Incorporated (PSI), formerly YCA, has been helping organizations achieve excellence and timely delivery for their most critical projects.  PSI’s client experience crosses all industries including manufacturing, high-tech, utilities, construction, financial services, telecom, real estate, entertainment and transportation.

We have quite literally seen (and delivered) on it all –Project Success Inc Offices

  • New Product – from heavy equipment to integrated circuits,
  • New or Expanding Facility – from nuclear sites to headquarters to manufacturing in China,
  • Software Implementation (enterprise-wide),
  • Mergers & Acquisitions,
  • Major Events – including major sporting events like the Olympics and FIFA World Cup.

Our Mission

PSI exists to help clients develop the organizational capability to manage projects successfully. We provide client organizations with the knowledge, skills, systems and tools that, when properly applied to strategic initiatives, transform our client’s business, create a competitive advantage and enhance the quality of work-life for their employees.

Our Core Values

  1. Service to Clients. We place top priority on serving our clients in an ethical and responsive manner. Our clients must realize exceptional returns on their investments in our products and services.
  2. Commitment to Excellence. We provide superior integrated project management solutions. To maintain our leadership position in the field, we invest in the continuous improvement of our products and services as well as in the professional development of all members of our organization.
  3. Value of Human Assets. We recognize that skilled and dedicated people will always be our most valuable asset. We strive to provide compensation and advancement opportunities that reflect the great value of the members of our organization.
  4. Organizational Culture. We seek to maintain a team-oriented culture in which we enjoy working hard together as well as with our clients.
  5. Advancement of Project Management. We strive to be the standard against which all other PM firms are compared by continuing to advance the PSI body of knowledge.

Our Clients

Project Success' Global Clients

“I have used the Project Success Method for 20 years on all  types of projects, including major acquisitions, global outsourcing,  rapid product development, corporate system migrations, and green  initiatives.   Its top-down approach to planning and critical-issues  focus during the control process provides you with a means to manage  very complex projects in a relatively simple, straightforward manner.   Whether you have a small project in a business startup or a portfolio of projects in a Fortune 500 company, the Project Success Method will help you to complete them on-time, within budget, and to quality  specifications.”

John Liddell, Senior VP-Corporate Project Management, CB Richard Ellis

Our Experience

When Project Success began, the PMP® certification did not exist.  Our experience is unsurpased, evidenced first and foremost by the tenure of our experts.  But it goes beyond that…read more.

Our Tenets

The world of project management is filled with lots of theory and opinion (too much, really).  As such, it is important to stay focused on what is truly actionable – those things that will provide repeatable project success.  From our experience, there are some basic tenets that foster project delivery according to the time, cost and quality metrics that are in place.  Read more about what we are committed to as a thought leader in project management.